Star Member of HYSEA – Broadridge

Inside Broadridge’s Cloud Cost Optimization Journey: How We are Unlocking Maximum Potential A Gartner report suggests that Enterprise IT spending on public cloud computing, within addressable market segments, will overtake spending on traditional IT by 2025. At Broadridge, where innovation is at the forefront of all efforts, moving our workload to Cloud was only a …

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Star Member of HYSEA – AssetVault

T Hub selection  AasaanWill product of AssetVault has been selected to the prestigious Lab32 Growth program organized by the World’s largest incubator T-Hub15 companies selected from 715 applicants worldwide -Current Will writing process is offline, expensive, and time consuming  -Over 95% of Indians do NOT have a Will -Costs > $1000 & 8 months in courts to get control of one’s …

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Project Drona, a HYSEA-TASK initiative

Powered by Infosys Springboard – 1st Quarter Report One of the kind “Faculty Development Program” in India Project Drona identified that Faculty is the fulcrum that will ensure the wheels of education move seamlessly with “What Industry Wants”. It promotes contemporary learning skills among Faculty and equip with emerging technology skills. First cohort commenced on October 1st, …

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Star Member of HYSEA – Techwave

 Awards and Recognitions External Global Brand Awards 2022 ‘Most Innovative Leader IT & Engineering Solutions’ Telangana Best Employer Brand Award for Best Talent Management  Employee Achievements Techwave’ s customer success story continues as our customers greatly appreciate the responsiveness and critical support provided by the Techwavians, particularly in handling crisis situations and ensuring timely delivery …

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Star Member of HYSEA – Manomay

Marked by global recognition, implausible victories and collective celebrations, Q4 of 2022 was a perfect end to a defining year for Manomay Through channelized efforts on improving the Market maturity to understand the need/value of Biz Tech Liaison & building expertise across, Manomay has succeeded in establishing a strong ground in the highly competitive Caribbean Insurance …

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