HYSEA is a unique industry initiative and a non-profit organization that brings together the various IT and ITeS Organizations in Telangana under one umbrella to network, share knowledge and work closely with the Government and other industry stake holders for business growth, social development and economic prosperity of the state. 

The association is 30 years old and has more than 300+ registered members, representing nearly 90% of Telangana’s IT/ITeS industry revenue and employee headcount. HYSEA member list includes a judicious mix of Large, Medium and Small, Indian and MNC companies such as Infosys, Intel, Micron, Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, Deloitte, Qualcomm, Deloitte, Microsoft, HSBC, ZF, WellsFargo, State Street, Google, firstsource, Broadridge, Chubb, Infor, Micron, Valuemomentum, OpenText, ValueLabs, Synchrony, ZenQ, Innominds, Invenio, OSI Digital, Informatica, EnergyTech Global, InfoPeers, TechEra IT Consulting and more from the Software Services, BPO and Product segments. 

HYSEA is driven by a group of CEOs and senior executives who contribute their time on voluntary basis. The association is managed by a 15-member Managing Committee of which 5 members serve on the Executive Committee as office bearers. 

HYSEA’s activities center around five forums. Each Forum is led by an MC member and the participation comes from keen, passionate member company volunteers. 

  • Industry-Academia Forum: HYSEA works closely with the academic institutes and universities in Telangana for skill building, promoting entrepreneurship and employment generation. 
  • CSR Forum: Through the CSR forum, HYSEA focuses on championing initiatives and volunteering activities around education, environment, and citizen wellbeing. 
  • Infrastructure Forum: The infrastructure forum focuses on strategic topics such as power, Internet connectivity, Water and Transportation and works closely with Govt for policy evolution and on-the-ground implementation. 
  • Innovation Forum: The Innovation forum focuses on promoting, recognizing, and encouraging innovation across member companies, grass roots innovation involving technology, academia-focused innovation programs, etc. 
  • SME Forum: The SME forum helps identifying topics relevant to SME businesses, working closely with Govt to promote SME wellbeing, and promote peer to peer collaboration among SMEs. 

HYSEA engages very closely with the Govt of Telangana in terms of support in drafting and reviewing new IT-related policies, coordinate industry-Govt interaction, be part of key committees that administer IT industry incentives, promote Brand-Hyderabad, etc. 

As part of knowledge sharing and competency development among member company associates and leaders, HYSEA organizes periodic programs and workshops under the banners of TechSeries, BizSeries, NetSeries and Leadership Workshop. 

HYSEA also gives away annual IT services export awards and IT products awards to recognize and encourage business excellence and performance among Telangana-based companies. These are like Oscars of Hyderabad IT industry and very eagerly awaited each year. 

Our Vision

To position Hyderabad as the leading intellectual capital of the world, by nurturing entrepreneurship, research and innovation, to achieve global excellence in IT products and services.

Functions of HYSEA

The role of HYSEA is all-encompassing. Its activities include everything that has an impact on the software industry in Hyderabad. It serves as a platform for its member companies to interact with the government as well as compete in the global market. HYSEA also helps the government in formulating industry-friendly policies by providing incentives, concessions and support for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Finally, it seeks to promote and encourage its member companies by instituting awards for various categories.

Interacting with the State and Central governments.

Communication platform for all IT & ITES companies

Providing Managerial, Organizational and Professional Guidance

Undertaking social projects that benefits the community.

Signing MOUs with various international organizations

Solve Companies problems and issues, which affect business interests.