Innovation Forum
Innovation Forum

HYSEA plays an important role in advancing the innovation eco system in collaboration with the Industry, Government, and Academia. This forum makes an impact through knowledge sharing sessions like webinars/ seminars, Leadership Development Program, Tech Series, Biz Series, Net Series, e-tech Series.

The Innovation forum focuses on promoting, recognizing, and encouraging innovation across member companies, grass roots innovation involving technology, academia-focused innovation programs like Product Management, Agile, Cloud, AI, IoT, Block Chain, AR/VR, Gaming, Cyber Security, etc. The forum also works closely with Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC), T-Hub, IIT-H, STPI, JNTU, Government, Institutes and Industry Bodies.

The forum is excited to launch an initiative in collaboration with the government and tech partners such as Amazon, Microsoft & Google. Hyderabad, India is set to become the ‘Cloud Centre of Excellence’ as it continues its rapid growth and gains more attention from industry professionals. The city’s low cost-of living paired up against plenty opportunities available on employment fronts have made this an attractive destination for those looking into working at a variety of companies in different fields – especially information technology which has seen booming development over recent years due to affordability combined with high skill requirements needed by employers here.

Forum members from the HYSEA member community are passionate leaders who have been driving innovation in their own organizations.

Apart from regular webinars and workshops, the forum conducts HYSEA’s flagship innovation summit every year in Oct/Nov. In this event, HYSEA gives away prestigious awards to services and products companies for their business performance and product innovations during the previous financial year.

Key Activities

Emerge with Innovation in the Industry

Leverage leadership from large companies to help further innovation amongst: Startups, universities and smaller organizations.

  • Products/Start-ups Events
  • Product and Design workshops
  • Annual Products’ Showcase
  • Anchors Hyderabad Product Leaders Forum
  • Annual Design Fest
  • Technology Workshops
  • Hackathons
  • Annual Product Awards and Showcase

Get Ahead of the Curve

  • Working with JNTU to help imbibe a culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship on college campuses
  • Working with TASK to improve employability of Engineering graduates
  • Organize Annual Job Fairs for the benefit of SME member companies
  • IT Museum
  • HYSEA-STPI-TVAGA COE on Computer Vision and AI
  • Annual Innovation Summit, LDP, Tech Series, Biz Series, Net Series, e-tech Series, issue specific focused Webinars/Seminars, Leadership interactions though the CXO networking events.
  • The forum celebrated August 2020 as a month of innovation with back-to-back webinars every week presented by globally renowned entrepreneurs and tech leaders.

Forum Leader

Isaac Rajkumar – Joint Secretary- HYSEA / MD – OpenText India
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