Star Member of HYSEA – AasaanWill

Being at the Forefront of Nation’s Wealth Transfer In the recent months, AasaanWill has achieved extraordinary feats, propelling our mission of revolutionizing succession planning to new heights. A significant triumph was our victory in the Global Scale Up Competition, a testament to our innovative approach. Emerging as the Global Scale Up Winner, we earned a coveted …

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Star Member of HYSEA – Areteans

Areteans Shines at the India New Zealand Delegation 2023, Spearheading Cross-Border Collaborations In a testament to Areteans’ commitment to global partnerships and innovation, Gaurav Mathur, the Chief Operating Officer of Areteans, stood at the forefront of the New Zealand Delegation to India 2023. Held in New Delhi from 27-31 August 2023, the event brought together …

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Project Drona, Mentoring with the industry experts, Phase 2

Project Drona, first of its kind faculty development & enrichment program.Project Drona is a social program that encourages IT/CS faculty in the state of Telangana to embark on the journey of learning emerging technologies in a contemporary way. The first cohort of learners have completed the 1st phase of self learning & task oriented problem …

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Star Member of HYSEA – UST

Awards: Recognitions: UST Acquisition: UST acquires Advantasure. Advantasure, a technology solutions company for Medicare Plans is officially part of UST HealthProof. By welcoming Advantasure into the UST HealthProof family, company expects to enhance its support government programs, Including offering expanded solutions in risk and quality. This is just one of the many milestones that marks …

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Star Member of HYSEA – Stellantis

Stellantis Digital Hub: Transformation Through Innovation Stellantis Digital Hub – India serves as the IT foundation for Stellantis Global, committed to its Dare Forward 2030 strategy of transforming into a mobility tech company. The Digital Hub is making significant strides through notable achievements, including the inauguration of a state-of-the-art facility, recognition at prestigious industry awards, …

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Star Member of HYSEA – PalTech

government schools, PalTech has made a significant impact. Collaborating with NGOs like Palreddy Foundation, Seva Bharathi, and Youth for Seva, PalTech has reached out to over 10,000+ students. This recognition highlights PalTech’s commitment to empowering and transforming the lives of underprivileged students through its collaborative and comprehensive approach to education. CSR Activities: PalTech has initiated …

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Star Member of HYSEA – New Relic

MIND BLOWING EVENTS AND GREAT CELEBRATIONS AT NEW RELIC  Article: New Relic is a cloud-based observability platform that gives developers, engineers, operations, and management a clear view of what’s happening in today’s complex software environments thereby helping businesses deliver delightful customer experiences. That’s why the world’s best engineering teams rely on New Relic to visualize, analyse …

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Star Member of HYSEA – Cigniti

Corporate Awards Cigniti won the following prestigious awards and recognitions in April-June 2023 Corporate Recognition Analyst Recognitions Wider Societal Impact As part of the ongoing CSR initiatives of Cigniti, under “Project Cignificance,” the company continued to focus on Education, Health care, and Sustainability to create a larger social impact.

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