Industry Academic Forum
Industry Academic Forum

Creating a link between Telangana’s talent and Telangana’s industry. This forum is focused on bridging the gap between the IT/ITEs Industry requirements and Fresh graduates’ capabilities from Telangana’s Colleges. The forum is the perfect place for students from engineering and MBA colleges. Fresh graduates can find a job ready with this new perspective thanks to IAF’s bridge, by providing skills that will enable future employment opportunities as well as equipment such as entrepreneurship encouragement and skill building – including promotion of entrepreneurial behavior & awareness and promoting employability within organizations. IAF strives to practice a “3E” strategy – Enable, Equip and Encourage – aiming towards Empowering the Next Generation of IT Professionals.

Events conducted through IAF forum

As a unique regional IT and ITeS Industry association, HYSEA is a driving force in the Telangana industry. It supports its members with various activities and helps them to compete globally and become world-class in their operations.  Some of the major focus areas include:

BTech Curriculum in emerging technologies

Hackathon league, Mini EXCITE in colleges

UG/PG Internships Online/Offline

Workshops (both online/offline) and webinars for Students and Faculty

Job Fairs – twice a year – one online and one offline

Publish articles on Forum topics

Nurture Innovation from colleges – Collaborate with TSIC

Media and TV5 interactions – reach rural areas

Programs with Industry entities – TCS, INFY, Google, AMZN, MSFT, FB and others

Programs with JHub, TASK, TWorks and other government entities

Work with IIITH/BITS/IIT and Other Educational Institutions

Research Activities, Problem Solving, Internships

Forum Leader

Sesha Rao – MC Member, HYSEA / Board Member – Insideview
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