CSR Forum
CSR Forum

Collaboration of all corporates to bring in synergy through CSR and make Telangana a ‘Socially Inclusive State’ and a preferred Social Entrepreneurship Hub.

The mission of this movement is to create an inclusive society where all people have access, opportunity and visibility. To make Telangana a ‘Socially Inclusive State’ which generates maximum social profit from its human resources by making them productive in every sense possible through sustainable value education among others things that would contribute towards progress of mankind at large.

Through the CSR forum, HYSEA focuses on championing initiatives and volunteering activities around education, environment, and citizen wellbeing. HYSEA has been a catalyst for IT/ITeS industry CSR activities for more than a decade and half, rising up to the meaningful cause and making long lasting positive impact in society.

HYSEA CSR forum focuses on 3 areas



Health & Wellbeing

Key Activities

The Forum has been working on the Disruptive Digital Intervention (DDI), a signature education initiative aimed at creating sustainable digital labs in rural and semi-urban Govt schools. The executing NGO for this program is Nirmaan. DDI has been so far successful in setting up digital labs in 32+ Government schools and providing digital education to 12000+ Govt school children directly and 50000+ students indirectly by way of Teacher Training Programs. This program is sponsored by IT companies operating in Telangana. As DDI continues to scale up, HYSEA has also been focusing on many other impactful programs and volunteer initiatives under the CSR forum. A powerful volunteering portal has been developed and launched that enables corporate employees to commit their volunteering hours to projects announced on the portal by companies or NGOs. For this purpose, HYSEA has launched a rigorous NGO empanelment program and has so far onboarded 3 NGOs and more are in the pipeline.

For 2020-22, the Forum has identified 4 essential pillars that would work across all CSR efforts:

The team will be responsible for mobilizing volunteers from the HYSEA member companies. The team would also support the CSR Pillars to identify the project needs in terms of resources and volunteer experts for any upcoming volunteer projects.

The team will be responsible to come up with technology solutions for ideas and initiatives discussed across the CSR Forum. The team would also support efficient implementation of existing programs under the 3 CSR areas with technology intervention.

The team will be responsible for efficient communication from the CSR Forum regarding upcoming events, programs and updates as well as internal communication.

The team would complement the Education pillar and be responsible to create awareness on Impact Hiring practices to create a larger and a meaningful business advantage for training and hiring candidates from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds (esp. from Government institutions) who face barriers to employment. The team will also work on creating a platform for corporate employees to mentor/coach the trainees/new hires stepping into the Corporate World to better fit into the Corporate Ecosystem. The team will be closely working with Corporate HRs, NGOs and training facilities who would train and facilitate hiring of these candidates.

  • Every year in the month of January, HYSEA CSR Summit is conducted. This summit event brings together corporates, NGOs, Govt and employees like no other event does
  • Harithaharam drives are conducted every year to spread the green cover across the IT, Industry & Academic fraternities along with the communities
  • Regular webinars on wellness and water conservation

HYSEA Volunteering Platform

HYSEA CSR Volunteering Platform is a gateway for you to make your actions count and be a catalyst in creating change for a cause.

Volunteering can make a world of difference in the lives and communities you touch- Explore volunteering opportunities in the areas of Education, Environment and Health & Wellbeing

The HYSEA CSR Forum is committed to making a positive difference in the under privileged lives of Indian people. HYSEA CSR Forum leverages collective wisdom and resources from member companies to support ‘select’ social causes and provides a platform for corporate volunteers to undertake community projects that lead to a positive difference for the under privileged. The forum’s primary focus is on Education, Environment, and Health & Wellbeing, and we work extensively with the Government of Telangana, NGOs, and the local municipal administration on all these fronts.  The forum believes effective partnerships between the Industry, Government and the NGOs can take India’s social development to the next level.

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