WINTalk Series by HYSEA & TASK on Artifical IntelIigence & Machine Learning

16th September 2022: As a part of the WINTalk Series, HYSEA and TASK conducted a session on AI/ML. Mr. Kishore Seshagiri, EVP, Broadridge Financial Services & Mr. Srinivas Atreya, Chief Data Scientist, Cigniti/RoundSqr, and Mr. Shrikant Sinha CEO, TASK, addressed and interacted with students and other participants about possible roles, career growth options, and learning resources, pre-requisites for being job-ready, in the AI / ML Area. As part of the series which started in March 2022, we have covered topics as wide-ranging as RPA, DevOps, Data Analytics, Fullstack, AI/ML, Testing, Animation and Gaming, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Software Engineering & Mobility Solutions. The key objective of the series is to demystify emerging technologies and create awareness among students about possible roles, career growth options, learning resources, and prerequisites for getting a job in a particular role.

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