Webinar on Transforming Data into Innovation with GCP

This webinar was conducted as a part of the Cloud Centre of Excellence (COE) initiatives.  It was a kick off event with an objective to create awareness on cloud computing. Aiming at increasing the rate of cloud adoption.

This webinar presented an overview of data analytics using the Google Cloud Platform. Ms. Jayanthi Sampathkumar, Engineering Manager, Google Hyderabad was the presenter.  She leads the data analytics practice.

Ramesh Swaminathan, Director of Product Management, Informatica, HYSEA Innovation Forum Member; introduced the presenter.

The presentation addressed how GCP can be used to collect, process, analyze data into business insights. The webinar focused on how data can be accessed from various setups and systems to draw meaningful information for decision making. Breaking data silos, look back & predict data and sometimes real time analysis,  data analysis to make relevant data available are the ways in which data can be processed for innovation. Various Google products that are available for data integration were detailed.

Big Query is Google’s flagship analytics platform along with other options for storage and data processing on GCP.  Information was provided on how to activate governance with permissions to decide who can have access to which data. Detailed insights were provided on Analytic hubs for secure and scalable sharing.

Further, how to build Big Query ML for predictive analytics, how to democratize insights by using multiple tools, data application tool for providing rich data experience were explained.

GCP provides vertical and cross vertical analytics based on fraud detection, log analytics, pattern recognition, real time analytics, time and series analytics were presented.

The mention of global and Indian business examples made it easy to relate and remember.

The session closed with a note to do a hands-on deep dive session with case studies on Data Analytics.

These references have been provided part of discussion.

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