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Project Dhruv: Illuminating Pathways to a Brighter Tomorrow

At Sage IT, innovation has always been viewed as a powerful tool, not only for technological advancement but also for creating a positive societal impact. “Project Dhruv” stands as a resounding testament to the organization’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive world. CEO Sagar Pelaprolu eloquently captures its essence, stating, “Our mission at Dhruv is to provide vocational training and upskilling opportunities to specially abled persons, empowering them with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure meaningful employment, achieve financial independence, and realize their full potential.”

Empowering Through Inclusion: The DEI Learning Program

Committed to creating an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization, Sage IT has initiated an internal DEI learning program. This program is a testament to the company’s dedication to cultivating a workplace where every individual can not only thrive but also actively contribute to collective success.

Sustainability Through Responsibility: Our ESG Initiatives

Under the ESG banner, Sage IT has embarked on a journey of sustainability and responsibility. Through rigorous energy audits and the implementation of energy-efficient measures, the company actively reduces its carbon footprint. These efforts align seamlessly with global environmental standards. 

A Commitment to a Brighter, Inclusive Future

As Sage IT strides forward, its unwavering commitment remains—to harness its strengths and resources for meaningful and enduring contributions to society. The company holds itself to the highest standards in ESG and DEI practices, a dedication that has been acknowledged with a Certificate of Appreciation from HYSEA for our outstanding CSR and ESG initiatives. Together, Sage IT and HYSEA are shaping a brighter and more inclusive future, one innovative step at a time.

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