Project Drona, Mentoring with the industry experts, Phase 2

Project Drona, first of its kind faculty development & enrichment program.
Project Drona is a social program that encourages IT/CS faculty in the state of Telangana to embark on the journey of learning emerging technologies in a contemporary way. The first cohort of learners have completed the 1st phase of self learning & task oriented problem solving. The 2nd phase of Project Drona is Mentoring.

The mentors are industry technology specialists. We have a pool of Mentors who have gone out of the way to contribute to Project Drona, a social cause.

The mentors will be spending exclusive one X one time with the Dronas. They will be evaluating the tasks done by Drona’s as a part of experiential learning. During the course of mentoring, they will discuss;

  • industry perspective of analysing a problem
  • role of multiple stakeholders in problem solving
  • working towards an optimal solution

The expected outcome of the interaction is to give a sense of imparting industry-oriented education to students.
The concluding phase of the first cohort is an “Immersive Experience” at IT organization.
We had a fleet of Incredible mentors who joined the social cause to mentor.
We thank & appreciate the industry Mentors who took time to mentor the Dronas, faculty.

  • Sumukh Guruprasad, Data driven Digital Solutions Lead, LTIMINDREE
  • Jayanth Potukuchi, Senior Director – Global Delivery Partner, Data Science & Digital Transformation, Cognizant
  • Mallika Prabhala, Project ManagerProject Manager, Cognizant
  • Shirish Damle, Senior Product Manager, Fosfor Data Product Suite, LTIMindtree
  • Prajakta Sadgir, Sr. Product EngineerSr. Product Engineer, Makers lab Tech Mahindra
    Asha Hanumantharaya, Principle Data Scientist, LTIMindtree

We sincerely appreciate the efforts of technology experts behind the scenes who help analyse learners data:

  • ABhiShek Sharma, Senior Engineer-VisualizationSenior Engineer-Visualization, Cigniti Technologies
  • Romita Bandyopadhyay, Visualization EngineerVisualization Engineer, Cigniti Technologies


create problem sets for experiential learning.

  • Surya Nittala, Principal DeveloperPrincipal Developer, Broadridge
  • Prabhakar Akella, Data Science ManagerData Science Manager, Broadridge
  • Naren Ramakrishnan, Vice President, Broadridge
  • Ashfaq Ahmed, Vice President, Broadridge
  • Srinivas Duvvuri, Senior Vice President, Broadridge
  • Jeyakumar Balajhi Mahendiran, Technology Specialist, Broadridge
  • Sarath Gollapalli, Vice President, Broadridge

The concluding phase of the first cohort is an “Immersive Experience” at IT organization. The planning is in progress.

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