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Beyond the Workplace: Engage, Empower, Excel

PalTech stands at the forefront of IT innovation by offering a comprehensive solution suite tailored for organizations of all sizes and business trajectories. Our expertise spans the digital spectrum, disrupting the domains of Application Development, Cloud and DevOps Engineering, Data Engineering and Analytics, and Intelligent Process Automation. We build core digital success strategies focused on healthcare, SaaS, BFSI, and retail.

We are a ‘Great Place to Work’ Certified

We proudly announce that we are a Great Place to Work now. Our org-DNA is founded on a core value system, fostering positive change. Our commitment to delivering a stellar client experience transcends industry standards. With our headquarters in Delaware, USA, and the development center in India, our global influence transforms the digital identity of organizations across continents. 

Aikyam – One for All, All for One

PalTech is conscious about serving the communities in which it operates. Aikyam, our CSR wing, has witnessed phenomenal milestones by touching the lives of over 10,000 children. In 2023, we were awarded the HYSEA CSR Education Initiatives Award for our contributions to transforming the lives of the underprivileged through our comprehensive approach to education. Notable initiatives like Abhyasiksha Program, Lab on Wheels, Gurukul Training, and Women Empowerment Sessions promote community well-being, practical education, rural development, and much more.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional technology solutions while doing our part to protect and support the ecosystems we are part of humbles us deeply and instills contentment and warmth in the teams across our organization.

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