XRG Consulting Pvt Ltd

Since 2008, XRG has been helping clients develop innovative solutions to their business and IT challenges. Our growth-oriented mindset has established our reputation as one of the globe’s most trusted IT partners, and our footprint in the industry continues to expand. IT Services and Consulting company, Web and App Development, UX and UI Design, BPM- …

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Oorwin Labs India PVT LTD.

Oorwin, a San Francisco based SaaS platform offers a diverse suite of products across Recruitment, Sales and Human Resource to foster productivity and growth for staffing agencies and consulting companies. Built upon nearly a decade of research and experience, Oorwin is poised to change the traditional practices of hiring, sales, and customer experience with its …

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Husys Consulting Limited

Husys, started in the year 2002 with a vision to help the SMEs [ Small and Medium Enterprises] of the country get a proper structure for their businesses and their human resources leading them to succeed. With our dedicated and experienced HR professional team, we are now pioneers in handling the HR Function Management and HR Consulting Services in the …

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Saransh Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Implementing new technologies and unleashing the true potential of digitalization is possible only through adaptation of right tools. Saransh helps you declutter the digital abyss to choose the right fit and catalyze your ROI on technology. Saransh provides end-to-end digitalization support, as well as staffing solutions, to fill in performance gaps in the organization, increase productivity and reduce …

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