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Enhancing Ridership in Hyderabad Metro Rail: A Boon for IT/ITES Sector 

Hyderabad Metro Rail has emerged as a game-changer in the city’s transportation and in revolutionizing the way people commute. With its extensive network of 69.2 km, metro rail system has not only eased the daily commute for over 4.5 lacs passengers per day but has also brought significant benefits to the IT sector with an overall increase of 3% ridership in last quarter. 

1. Efficient Connectivity Solutions: 

Metro provides seamless connectivity across the city, linking major IT SEZs through a vast First / Last Mile Connectivity Solutions. There are dedicated shuttle services & Cyber Liners from HiTEC City & Raidurg metro stations connecting Raheja Mindspace, GAR, DLF, Salarpuria Sattva, Phoenix, Divyashree Orion, VIT Park, My Home Twitza, RMZ Skyview & more. 

2. Infrastructure Enhancement: 

Additional arm opened at Raidurg station (Arm B Towards Lemon Tree) to ease the passenger flow for a quicker travel experience. Dedicated skywalk connecting Raheja Mindspace & major IT firms also developed for a direct access to Raidurg metro station. 

3. Corporate Networking: 

Along with the presence in HYSEA conclave – IMPETUS, the IT Roadshows conducted every month across IT hubs helps Metro Rail establish the platform needed for spreading awareness about the need of a Green Commute. The direct interaction also helps us in understanding major challenges faced by IT/ITES sector and the steps to be taken for providing a seamless travel experience. 

4. Environmentally Friendly: Metro is an eco-friendly mode of transportation, running on electricity and emitting zero emissions. By promoting the use of metro rail, IT/ITES sector can contribute to reducing carbon footprints and creating a sustainable environment. This aligns with the industry’s growing focus on corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices. 

Staying true to its vision, Hyderabad Metro Rail has transformed the way people travel by providing “best-in-class” mobility. Its eco-friendly nature & efficient connectivity has reduced traffic congestion making it an indispensable asset for the IT/ITES workforce.

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