Legal Edge Workshop on Complexities in TM

In the last few quarters, we have seen the hiring in IT Industry hitting an all-time high. The Industry attrition has also hit a new peak. Some companies are experiencing attrition rates upwards of 25%. Average Compensation and Salary Hikes being offered appeared to have doubled in many cases. While hiring, compensation & attrition are driven by the demand for talent and supply chain dynamics, of late we are seeing increasing trend of unethical / unprofessional / non-compliant practices on employees’ and employers’ part that may also have legal ramifications for both.

In this context HYSEA organised a workshop on ‘Legal Edge on complexities in Talent Management’ with experts Mr. Radha Krishna Murthy, Advocate & Corporate Legal Consultant and Mr. Ashok Ram Kumar, Founder and Managing Partner of Wordict-IP®  who helped create the requisite high level legal awareness among HYSEA members and helped them to navigate the talent and IP challenges better.

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