CXO Rountable with Hon’ble IT Minister of Tamil Nadu

21st July 2023:

Government of Telangana in association with HYSEA hosted a CXO roundtable with;

Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan (PTR)
The Hon’ble IT Minister of Tamil Nadu

The audience were thrilled to witness a learned Politician with a rhetorical style, modesty, and adeptness.

CXO Roundtable:
More than 40 CXOs discussed the evolution of the IT industry, government supported for business growth & the envisioned future of IT in Telangana.

The minister was impressed by Telangana’s success story and believed it would motivate other states in the country.

Fireside Chat:
The roundtable was followed by a captivating, fireside chat moderated by Mr. Amarnath Reddy, CRO, ITE&C Dept., Govt of Telangana, covering a wide range of topics like governance, politics, policy-making and economics! The conversation provided great insights into the Hon’ble minister vision of leveraging technology to enhance governance, public services, and foster a digitally inclusive environment for all citizens.

Mr. Thiaga Rajan, who recently took charge as Tamil Nadu IT Minister, led a delegation of officials on a three-day visit to Telangana to study the State government’s policies and strategies that were being implemented for the rapid growth of the IT sector. He met his counterpart KT Rama Rao at the Secretariat.

During the three-day visit, the Tamil Nadu delegation studied various IT and e-governance initiatives, and policies to get a first-hand understanding of the IT and innovation ecosystem in Telangana. They also visited T-HUB, T-Works, and WE Hub.

During the meeting, Mr. K T Rama Rao gave a detailed presentation on the various initiatives taken up in the State and introduced Introduction of innovative policies such as the Telangana State ICT Policy, Rural Tech Centres Policy, Innovation Policy, Electronics Policy, Gaming & Animation Policy, Cyber Security Policy, Data Centres Policy, and Open Data Policy that had aided in the comprehensive growth of the IT sector, besides the allied sectors as well.

He also shared information on the establishment of various organizations like T-Hub, WE Hub, T-Works, RICH, and TASK. Aspects pertaining to drafting a comprehensive policy for the IT and allied sectors were also shared. The Minister also stressed that the policy not only encapsulated the Telangana government’s vision and targets but also took into account inputs from stakeholders to understand their requirements from the State government.

“The department’s strategy of including domain experts played a crucial role in driving significant growth in the IT sector,” Rama Rao said, adding that recognizing the role of Hyderabad, the State government had invested a lot in developing infrastructure, which in turn complemented the IT growth.

While the primary goal was to attract new investments, equal importance was accorded to fostering good relations with companies that already had their offices in the city, providing them with the required support, the Minister said. Initially, Amazon and other corporate giants had a minimal presence in Hyderabad, but with the support being extended by the Telangana government, the companies established their largest campuses in Hyderabad within just eight years, he said, adding that world-renowned companies like Google, ServiceNow, and Facebook, which earlier had a minimal presence, had eventually set up their largest or second-largest campuses in the city.

The Minister also detailed the efforts to expand the IT sector to Tier-II towns within the State.

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