Interactive HR Learning Session

21 March 2024

Apprenticeship Act – In the context of IT & ITES Industry

A highly engaging and informative interactive HR learning session was organized to discuss the Apprenticeship Act in the context of the IT and ITES industries on March 22 at Cotelligent, a HYSEA member company. 

The event brought together more than 100 industry leaders and professionals to explore the nuances of the Apprenticeship Act and its implications for the IT/ITES sector.

Moderated by C. R. Srinivas, Head of HR (APAC) at Innova Solutions, the esteemed panel featured: Pragathi Achanta, Director of HR at AT&T; Saugat Majumdar, Director of HR at Opentext; and Radhakrishna Murthy, Advocate at AP & Telangana High Court.

The panelists delved into various aspects of the Apprenticeship Act, focusing on its legal and administrative implications, costs, investment, retention, and regulatory compliance in the IT/ITES industry. The primary goal was to foster awareness among IT/ITES companies about the Act’s provisions and benefits.

Key changes, such as the act’s extension to the service sector and mandatory registration for larger establishments, were highlighted. The panel emphasized employer obligations, including minimum wages and CSR fund usage, while also sharing strategies for streamlining administrative burdens and implementing cost-effective apprenticeship programs.

Retention strategies and regulatory compliance were also addressed, underscoring the importance of adhering to requirements for program success and leaving attendees with a deeper understanding of the Act’s implications and armed with valuable insights to navigate its complexities within the industry.

This interactive learning session not only sparked thought-provoking discussions but also paved the way for a more skilled and empowered workforce in the IT/ITES sector, fostering growth and innovation for the industry as a whole.

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