Loop Reality Pvt. Ltd.

PerspectAI began as an outcome of these powerful thoughts.Engineering and Business schools in India have witnessed large scale hiring by prestigious companies. It is surprising to note that while the skills and metrics defining success at the workplace have changed, there has been close to no change in the way individuals are chosen for a particular job. Several companies still rely solely on traditional methods of sifting through resumes and interviews to screen candidates. However, in the current phase of the technology revolution, such practices can turn out to be pretty expensive for companies.In this digital age, we rely on several tools to get recommendations and make better choices – Coursera, Netflix, Spotify, LinkedIn being a few of the top examples. These tools provide us with reliable insights to make better choices – providing us the right content to consume, the right person to connect to, the right meal to eat, and much more. While these tools provide us personalized recommendations and power user experience, helping us make better choices in every field, there are barely any tools aiding better talent decisions. Though tools providing an understanding of human abilities exist, these tools are lengthy, unengaging, and provide limited insights.

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