Loginsoft Pvt. Ltd.

Suresh is a technology professional, a successful entrepreneur and has over 20 years of experience in high-tech industry. He is currently President and CEO of Loginsoft Inc and Loginsoft Pvt Ltd., with offices in Chantilly, VA, USA and Hyderabad, India. Prior to Loginsoft, Suresh held senior technical and management positions with Wipro Systems, Tele-TV and Bell Atlantic.While working for Wipro, he was involved in setting up offshore development centers for their US & European customers. Suresh was a senior member of the Systems Integration team at Tele-TV and was part of a team in developing and deploying the industry’s first successful Interactive Video Systems on DSL and Wireless networks for Bell Atlantic customers in Northern Virginia and for Telecomm talia in Rome, Italy. Prior to that he worked in Bell Atlantic as a senior programmer involved in reengineering various applications relating to Billing and telephony order entry systems.During a 7-year stint back in India from 2008 to 2015, Suresh became an active investor and mentor for start ups and advocated startup culture and entrepreneurship. He’s helped craft business plans and raise capital for numerous early-stage companies globally.

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