HR Learning Table at DBS on “Apprenticeship Act”

24th August 2023:

HYSEA partnered with DBS Tech India to bring together 20+ HR leaders for a learning exercise on apprentice act implementation strategies.
India annually produces 37+ lakh graduate scholars. The 1961 Apprenticeship Act aimed to skill them but faced implementation challenges. Amendments from 2014 to 2019 aimed to enhance it.

The Issue:

Despite the amendments, concerns persist about Act implementation. Corporates are receiving notices, despite interns engagement. Questions linger about IT/ITES/GCCs’ inclusion under the amended Act.

How HYSEA Helped:

HYSEA partnered with DBS Tech India organized the HR Learning Table on “Apprentice Act Implementation Strategies”.

The Solution:
The HR Learning Table focused on statutory & compliance requirements, internship vs apprentice differences & how to integrate them for statutory compliance, shared implementation best practices including associated costs.

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