Launching HYSEA HELP DESK for members

HYSEA is happy to launch a help desk for member companies to provide responses to operational queries in areas such as Employer-Employee legal aspects, Compliance, Contract & General Legal issues, IPR issues, HR services etc. The main purpose is to provide an expert and professional opinion to members’ operational queries, in a reasonably quick time frame. We would also like to provide our members with access to these experts in case the member wants to go deeper with the query and engage the services of the expert. Over a period, we aim to build a database of standard queries and responses to minimize turnaround time.

Currently empaneled experts

S.NO Company Name Name of the person Area of Services Company Website
1 Strategist People Support Pvt. Limited Shefali Rao / K Srinivas Rao HR Services – L&D, Leadership Development, Training programs, CXO Coaching etc
2 Peepal HR Associates P V Krishna Rao HR Consulting Services – OD 
3 Hiregange & Associates LLP Sudhir V S Chartered Accountants & GST Services
4 Mora and Associates Rajitha Mora Chartered Accountants & GST Services
5 RKM Madiraju Associates Radha Krishna Murthy Legal Services – Labour / Employment Matters / Vendor Contracts
6 HR chambers SV Ramachandra Rao People Services / Labour laws / Industrial Relations
7 WORDICT IP Ashok Ramkumar IPR and IT Contract Legal Services 

Operating Model in Brief

  1. A new helpdesk email id has been created. Members should send their queries to this mail id. It will be manned by HYSEA secretariat team during normal working hours, Mon-Fri.
  2. The arrangement with the experts includes an expectation to respond to any query in 24 hours.
  3. When a mail comes to this id from an active member, we will check if a similar question and response exists in the database. If yes, we will provide response within 8 working hours, else the query will be forwarded to experts for their response.
  4. HYSEA will follow up with the experts, and when their response comes, verify the same and if found okay, will forward the same to member who raised the query. A member can then send one follow up query if not fully satisfied. We will keep a limit of 2 queries per member per month.
  5. Experts will not charge for up to two responses for any query per member per month (one basic and one follow up). It will be a pro-bono service.
  6. If the member needs more information beyond two queries, then the member will be connected to the expert, and they can work out a mutual arrangement for further services. HYSEA will not be involved in such an arrangement.

Additional Features of the Help Desk

Periodically, HYSEA will publish a newsletter from the help desk that will include articles and important information from one or more of the participating experts. Also, at regular intervals, we will organize webinars on behalf of this help desk (under HYSEA BizSeries banner) and have one of the experts address queries from members.