Unlocking the Power of Gen AI

9th Nov 2023: Demystifying Generative AI, Understanding and Applications, HYSEA held the first session of its Tech Series on 9th Nov unraveling the power of Generative AI. This groundbreaking event brought together industry enthusiasts, thought leaders, and seasoned professionals eager to delve into the transformative world of Generative AI. The series is a strategic initiative aimed at demystifying Generative AI, providing a deep understanding of its real-world applications, and unlocking new possibilities across diverse industries.

The Key discussion points:

  • The Buzz around AI and its evolution
  • Real-world examples across industries
  • Live demonstration of AI usage
  • The Role of AI in IT
  • Managing Transition to AI-Driven Processes
  • The Future of IT with AI

Key take aways from the session included:

  • The impact of AI evolution
  • AI’s potential across industries
  • Practical insights for AI integration
  • Glimpse into the future IT landscape with AI.
  • The session ended paving the way for a series that not only clarifies tech complexities but also shapes the future of innovation.

 Industry expert, Saurabh Goenka, CEO of MindMap Digital, facilitated the session attended by more than 65+ tech and non tech professionals. Naren Meadem, Founder & CEO, Quipu, shared important Industry use cases of Gen AI.

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