Hyderabad Ecosystem Meet with Endiya Partners, T-Hub and GoT

5th May 2023

The Hyderabad Ecosystem Meet, an unparalleled event by Endiya Partners in association with T-Hub and the Government of Telangana, emerged as a beacon of collaboration and growth for the thriving startup ecosystem in Hyderabad. The event was powered by AWS & HSBC and supported by HYSEA & RICH. The gathering convened a diverse group of visionaries, innovators, and change-makers, all united by a common objective – to “Celebrate Entrepreneurship“. This wasn’t just about creating an immediate platform for networking and collaboration but also about inspiring long-term strategic initiatives to enhance the global stature of Hyderabad’s startup ecosystem. The goal was to reflect on the ecosystem’s evolution, celebrate its achievements, and address its hits and misses, thereby providing a direction for its future growth.

The event commenced with high anticipation and energy attracting over 200 attendees, including representatives from more than 60 corporates, over 100 entrepreneurs, 20+ investors, and a substantial number from educational institutions, consulates, government officials, and ecosystem enablers. Notable personalities from the business world graced the event, their insights and experiences adding significant value to the discussions. The agenda for the event was meticulously planned to foster meaningful interactions, discussions, and collaborations, with the hosts and partners setting the stage by discussing the gathering’s objectives and necessity in the current entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The meet had a focused and strategic agenda that fostered meaningful interactions, discussions, and collaborations. The simplicity of the schedule ensured that the core objective of the event was clearly communicated and upheld. The event kicked off with the hosts and partners setting the tone by elaborating on the event’s objectives and the crucial need for such a gathering in the current entrepreneurial ecosystem. The participants, which included an impressive lineup of stakeholders from various sectors, were introduced. This segment allowed everyone to understand the diverse mix of attendees and the potential synergies available. One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the survey analysis. The insights collected from the participants were shared, sparking discussions and

providing a roadmap for further action. Post the formal proceedings, the guests engaged in networking. This provided an opportunity for attendees to engage in one-on-one conversations, explore collaborations, and exchange ideas in a more informal setting.

The success of the event owes a great deal to our esteemed sponsors and partners. AWS and HSBC’s significant contributions were instrumental in powering the event. Our co-hosts, T- Hub and the Government of Telangana, facilitated the seamless organization of the event, while our collaborative partners, HYSEA and RICH, provided unfaltering support.

Survey forms were circulated among attendees, collecting valuable insights. Entrepreneurs indicated a strong desire for collaborations in areas such as technology exchange, go-to- market strategy, and operational best practices. Many corporates were open to startup partnerships, indicating an increasing trend of corporate-startup collaboration. Attendees lauded the current efforts of the government in fostering the startup environment and had constructive suggestions for areas of potential improvement, such as streamlining regulatory processes and promoting international partnerships. The key insights from the survey are –

  • All stages of funding (Seed, Series A, Series B and above) are reported as challenging
  • Seed stage funding is the most common issue among the startups, while ‘Series B andabove’ is most commonly reported by Funded Startups, Corporates and Bankers
  • Finding mid-level talent is most frequently reported
  • Startups reported challenges across all levels of talent acquisition and development
  • Access to mentors/advisors is the most frequently reported challenge, suggesting aneed for more networking and mentorship opportunitiesFollowing the event, we’ve been facilitating connections based on the wishlist submitted by attendees. We are also exploring the potential for future programs or events driven by insights gathered from the survey and the event discussions.In the spirit of keeping the momentum going, we want to share some of our next steps, based on the suggestions and insights provided by our attendees. We believe that these initiatives will further facilitate the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our city:


  • Creation of Sector Specific Interest Groups: These groups will engage in roundtables, regular networking meets (both casual and formal), investor pitch sessions, and corporate 1-1s. The aim here is to provide a platform for continuous interaction, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among the stakeholders within specific sectors.
  • Knowledge Sessions and Tactical Workshops: Recognizing the challenges faced by early-stage startups, facilitate knowledge sessions and tactical workshops in HR and Talent management, company culture etc.
  • Workshop on Fundraising: Facilitate a workshop on fundraising across different stages. The session would be facilitated through a banker.The Hyderabad Ecosystem Meet showcased the robust potential of our local startup ecosystem. Leveraging the momentum from this event, we are poised to nurture and grow a vibrant, innovative startup ecosystem in Hyderabad.
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