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Founded in 1993, C1 (ConvergeOne, is a proven, services-led cloud and applications solution provider that utilizes its intellectual property and unique methodologies to create value for customers and develop progressive solutions that connect people with purpose. We have spent decades building upon technology offerings spanning the industry’s core markets customer experience, cyber security, data center, enterprise networking, and unified communications. We deliver these solutions through on-premises and cloud models, including private, hybrid, and public clouds as well as the proprietary C1 Cloud, regardless of our customers’ existing infrastructure. 

To leverage the global talent to support our customers, C1 decided to start the captive center in India at Hyderabad in early 2023. This venture aimed not only to set up a physical presence but to assemble a dynamic team, fostering growth and innovation. Over the course of the year, we transformed challenges into opportunities, marking a significant chapter in our organizational history. 

The inception phase involved meticulous planning and strategic decision-making. From identifying the ideal location to onboarding the core leadership and crafting a comprehensive recruitment strategy for establishing the center and operations, every step was carefully executed. Hyderabad, known for its burgeoning tech ecosystem, proved to be the perfect backdrop for our journey. With a laser-focused hiring approach, we sought and attracted top-tier talent, bringing together a diverse and skilled workforce. The process involved not just hiring individuals but curating a team that shared a common vision and passion for excellence. With all these efforts, on 29th Nov 2023 we inaugurated our Global Innovation and Capability Center (GICC) office at Sattva Knowledge Park, Hyderabad. Ours is now a 250-employee strong organization in Hyderabad, and the strength at Hyderabad will be doubled by end of 2024. Our operations from GICC mainly focused on Professional and Managed Services, Product Engineering, Solutioning and Sales Operations.

As the year progressed, we navigated through challenges, adapting and refining our strategies. Building capabilities became a priority, and investments in technology, training, and infrastructure paid off. The center evolved into a hub of innovation and productivity, contributing significantly to the overall objectives of our organization.

The success of our GICC at Hyderabad is a testament to the synergy between strategic planning, talent acquisition, operational readiness, service delivery and community engagement. As we reflect on this transformative journey, we look forward to the continued growth and impact our center will have on both our organization and the local community in the years to come.

For more details on C1 at India, please reach out to Chandra Boddoju, C1 Country Head, India (

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