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T Hub selection 

AasaanWill product of AssetVault has been selected to the prestigious Lab32 Growth program organized by the World’s largest incubator T-Hub
15 companies selected from 715 applicants worldwide

-Current Will writing process is offline, expensive, and time consuming  
-Over 95% of Indians do NOT have a Will 
-Costs > $1000 & 8 months in courts to get control of one’s Estate
-Women are particularly disadvantaged if they die without a Will. In the absence of children, their self acquired property goes to their husband and in-laws. Woman’s own parents/siblings do not get anything 

About Lab 32:
100 day program focussed on B2C companies and build a robust GTM
Mentored by India’s best founders, investors and corporate leaders
600 plus corporate partners
47 active investors: VC and angel networks
90 plus innovation partners
40 plus country offices – Trade consulates
35 plus academia partners: Indian School of Business National Academy of Legal Studies & Research (NALSAR) University Hyderabad IIIT Hyderabad and others
Total funding raised by Lab 32 alumni: $410 M

Winner of the Shark tank show of Tim Draper: Elon Musk investor AssetVault won the Season 5 pitch competition of Meet the Drapers in Silicon Valley (Tim Draper’s Shark Tank style show). 
35 startups from India, Taiwan, Portugal, Brazil, Singapore, Canada, and the United States pitched after screening a few thousand. AssetVault secured a prize of half a million dollars from Tim Draper (billionaire Silicon Valley investor in several unicorns such as Tesla, SpaceX, Coinbase, Robinhood, Hotmail, Baidu, Skype among others

Winner of BITS Pilani Global Shark Tank, Jan 2023

AssetVault one first place at the BITS shark tank. 

Pilani Sharks” is an exclusive opportunity that gives BITS founders worldwide a chance to pitch and raise investment on spot at BGM 2023. 

Best of Pilani angels will be coming and investing up to a total of USD 2 Million in top startups.

About AasaanWill

AasaanWill is a brand of AssetVault. We AasaanWill to help Indians in India and the diaspora with their Financial Continuity plan. 

The Current Will writing process is expensive, confusing, time consuming and offline.
AasaanWill offers 100% legally valid Wills from the comfort of your home at a fraction of a lawyer’s cost and within 20 minutes.

We are helping Employees of several companies such as Bain, Swiggy, Infosys, Tech unicorns, startups and others through our B2B2C route. 

  • Fastest growing online Will writing brand in India
  • Over 5 M impressions on social media; We own the content space in India 
  • Time of India advertising campaign live PAN India 

Led by Vishnu Chundi, an alumnus of LBS, Cambridge, Bain, and BITS Pilani, AasaanWill is really making great strides and being recognized for their work by renowned organizations like Meet the Drapers, AI Global Media, AWS, and several others.

Whether you are a parent, homeowner, in an interfaith relationship, stable marriage or going through tough times like a divorce or health issues, Making a Will has several benefits as explained in the attached presentation. You can also go through the FAQs to understand the process better.

AasaanWill is making writing Wills super easy and safe by facilitating the process online and providing trusted legal advice at every step ensuring that your loved ones are protected and well taken care of at all times. 

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