Aspire More Networking Session on Tech Leadership

28th April 2023

The Aspire More session on “Tech Leadership” titled “Stay the Course in Tech Leadership” was conducted by HYSEA at Franklin Templeton on April 28th, 2023.

The event also featured a special guest, Ms. Radha Penekelapati, VP at Cruise. She shared her insights and experiences in the tech industry. 

The panelists included Swarna Durbhakula, Usha Gorthy, Swaroopa Rani, Jagada Krovvidi, and Vishnupriya Saksena discussed the importance of adapting to new technologies and staying up-to-date with industry trends. They also emphasized the significance of maintaining a work-life balance, building a strong network, and seeking out mentors and allies to support one’s career growth. Attendees were encouraged to invest in themselves by pursuing continuous learning opportunities and taking on new challenges. 

The session provided a platform for attendees to connect with successful women in tech leadership roles, share their experiences, and gain valuable insights to advance their own careers. 

Overall, the Aspire More session was a successful networking event that offered attendees a unique opportunity to learn from and connect with accomplished professionals in the tech industry.

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