Webinar on ‘What does it take to be a Global Leader?’

‘What does it take to be a Global Leader?’ on 24th Feb 2022.  Moving from a national top level position of a company to a global role is a significant shift. How do you prepare for that? HYSEA and Divershefy plan to create a 6 month “Global Leader Certification Program“, the objective of which is to help senior Women Leaders reach global Leadership positions. To know more about the program, HYSEA organised an awareness session on 24th Feb 2022.

This session included a panel discussion on the topic of “How to become a global leader“. The panel was moderated by Ms. Sylvia Smetana, Co-Founder at Divershefy Inc. & Founder Divershefy Club and panellists were Ms. Gia Fisher, Non-Executive Director, Virtual CISO, DPO, Information Security, Cyber Security, PMO at M.I.A.G. LLC, and Ms. Tejaswini Tilak, APAC lead for DIB and Senior Director, Segment Marketing at Equinix. 

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