GenAI and Evolving Talent Imperatives

7th Nov 2023: GenAI stands as a trailblazer, actively shaping the future of work. With an extraordinary $250 million in investments and a remarkable 200% surge over the past five years, GenAI is leading a transformative revolution spanning from HR to Engineering. We are excited to present key insights gleaned from the recent Gen AI gathering hosted by HYSEA and Zinnov, held at ServiceNow. The event catered specifically to GCC, CHRO Leaders, TR Leaders, and TA Heads, bringing together a diverse range of industry leaders to discuss and chart the course for the future of work.

The Gen AI forum explored the future: 

  • Automated Talent Acquisition
  • Personalized Real-Time Training
  • Proactive Issue Resolution
  • Dynamic Workforce Planning with Predictive Analytics
  • Targeted Retention Strategies for a Culture of Engagement

The event showcased how GenAI is paving the way for a transformative 2024, with cutting-edge solutions that are redefining the landscape of the workplace.

More than 45+ CHROs from GCC member companies participated in the gathering.

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