The art of prompt engineering

15 Dec 2024: “The Art of Prompt Engineering,” guided by CA Narasimhan Elangovan, a standout in the top 10 “Influential Consulting Leaders – 2020,” was held on 14th Dec | Real Page The session unveiled the intricacies behind crafting potent prompts for unleashing the full potential of generative tools. CA Narasimhan Elangovan illuminated the power of prompt engineering, emphasizing its role in various AI tasks. From crafting effective prompts and exploring different types to conducting live demos of use cases, the session provided hands-on insights into the technique’s benefits and ethical considerations. The exploration of zero-shot, one-shot, and few-shot inference highlighted the potential of prompt engineering in real-world applications, leaving participants pondering its significant role in the future of AI. More than 60+ associates from member companies attended the workshop.

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