An Evening of Connection and Camaraderie

1st Sept 2023: Embracing Our New Members with Open Arms.

We hosted an exclusive dinner to extend a warm welcome to the new members of our Association! This networking event had been meticulously crafted to provide our newcomers with the opportunity to:

  • Connect and socialize with fellow new members.
  • Engage in candid conversations with HYSEA’s top leadership.
  • Gain insights into HYSEA’s mission, initiatives, and the array of benefits available to members.
  • Share their aspirations as new members.

“The leadership team at HYSEA was enthusiastic about deepening their understanding of the new members and exploring avenues for collaborative growth and success. This occasion saw the presence and active engagement of key figures including Manisha Saboo, President of HYSEA, Isaac Rajkumar, Joint Secretary of HYSEA, Uma Gogineni, Managing Committee Member of HYSEA, Kishore Borra, Managing Committee Member of HYSEA, Sesha M Rao, Executive Director of HYSEA, Neeraja Vijender, Director and Head of Operations at HYSEA, and other dedicated members of the secretariat team. They interacted with the new members, acquainting them with HYSEA and its diverse range of interventions.”

More than 50+ new members who joined HYSEA in the last two quarters were invited for this interaction.

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