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July 29, 2021
Internship Fair 2021 – Inaugural
August 10, 2021

Workshop on Talent Trends FY 21-22

HYSEA organized a workshop to bring together senior HR, talent acquisition and delivery leaders of the industry.  The objective of the workshop was to discuss the current trends deeper across the industry, validate the various theories that are floating and identify the potential medium to long term impact of these trends on industry and  come up with some possible solutions to minimize negative impact if any.

The workshop saw nearly 25 senior leaders participate and brainstorm for half day. These included leaders from functions such as fresher hiring, talent acquisition, workforce planning, delivery, compensation and benefits, mainstream HR.

The overall problem was divided into four sections to facilitate better grouping and discussion. There were obvious overlaps across these sections but every group presented a deep insight into their area.

Final Report of the Workshop –HYSEA Report on Talent Trends – FY 2021-22

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