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October 14, 2019
Informatica – Star Member of HYSEA!
October 21, 2019

EPAM – Star Member of HYSEA!

This section highlights major achievements by member companies every quarter. Members share Awards & Recognitions (National And International)/Expansion of Operations In Hyderabad/New Acquisitions/Note Worthy Employee Achievements Or Initiatives For Employees etc.




EPAM India has been awarded the CSR Times Award 2019 under “Women Empowerment category” at New Delhi on 2nd August 2018.. EPAM has been working consistently with Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust, Bhagini Niveditha Pratisthan, Ashray Akruthi and Dakshas from past few years to empower women through various initiatives that promote economic empowerment for women to lead self-sustainable lives.

EPAM’s association with Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust (KGNMT) has created a vital center that functions as a shelter home for women survivors of various issues. Their aim is to make the lives of these distressed girls and women more self-sufficient by providing opportunities for girls to use EPAM Digital labs and help women by providing Jute Machines that will help women become economically empowered.

EPAM also works closely with Bhagini Niveditha Pratisthan, an NGO based out of Pune that help women identify and tackle problems in their communities. EPAM sponosred science and digital labs that are used to educate students nearby.

In collaboration with Ashray Akruti and Dakshas, they been reaching out to girls and women from underserved communities by organizing medical camps aimed towards aiding them with medical support.

EPAM has set up Digital Labs at 7 schools where more than 1750+ girls use our labs to increase their knowledge in technology, from computer basics to programming using various tools like MIT Scratch, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. EPAM fosters a learning culture at EPAM labs that will expose students to the advanced technologies used in today’s world.

In collaboration, EPAM, Ashray Akruti and Dakshas support the health & hygiene of the students and at-risk villagers by organizing medical camps. By providing preventative and acute care, these communities can focus on the future. EPAM have successfully conducted 3 medical camps across Telangana already and many more soon.

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