Star Member of HYSEA!
January 17, 2021
Star Member of HYSEA!
January 17, 2021

Star Member of HYSEA!

About us – iSpace is a premier technology and business process services company serving Healthcare, Automotive, Entertainment and Financial Services industries. Founded in the year 2000, over 400 of our global professionals are serving over 30 of the Fortune 1000 US companies. Our specialties include Mobility, Healthcare Solutions, Location Based Services, Revenue Cycle Management, Robotic Process Automation, ITO, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and IT Staffing.

Eliptico is an extended arm of iSpace, providing modern day technology solutions in Information Technology Staffing, Consulting and Business Process Services.

Our story

2020, a thunderbolt and the world stood still!

A big blow to the unstoppable carefree world. The globe paused and so did we.

But the pause needed to pause, else we will not be able to continue supporting our clients and customers and sustain the business. Now was the testing time towards a greater responsibility in holding every piece of the organisation together. No! we cannot risk losing any part of our business for the sake of pandemic, and yes! we were determined to conquer uncertainty.

What did we achieve in 2020?

  • We were 161 in Jan 2020. Today we stand at 295 in Jan 2021, which is one of the biggest mark we have made in 2020 (offshore headcount).

While pandemic has had its adverse effect across the globe, we were able to maintain a positive outlook all though this period. Very unlike the market situation, we were able to sustain our existing clients, bring newer projects and increase out headcount drastically especially on the BPO front.

  • iSpace has been certified as SOC2 Type2 compliant in November 2020 and ISO 9001 2015 & ISMS recertified for 2020-21. ​
  • We were able to handle all activities of hiring, onboarding, admin, finance, IT support and our project roles seamlessly virtually because of our preparedness in being digital and our proactive approach and an attitude to get things done which is inline with our mission statement.
  • We were able to run our performance appraisal process as is. Though it was implemented in October 2020 it was effective March like every other year. We ensured our employees are not impacted by the pandemic consequences. ​​

How did we achieve, what we achieved?

  • The Low: March 2020, started with the low of one of our BPO clients closing down their operations and thus impacting the work for us. Utilization of the resources was a challenge during this period. To keep the resources engaged, we reached to all our clients for value added services, accelerated bringing in new clients, cross trained the resources and had daily status calls to ensure everyone is aligned to what we are trying to do during this time of uncertainty.
  • The Resilience: By mid of Q2, reality struck, and we all know that Covid is here to stay for some time and we should be up for it for the long haul. This was a test of our organization, culture, teamwork and how resilient we will be as a team to get through this and make progress. We were resilient in our efforts in reaching out to prospective clients and showing them how we can add value during this time and this the right time to transform their business.
  • The Turnaround: Our resilience paid off and we signed up a new client for BPO by end of Q2. We started implementation for the client and suddenly we had 3 more clients knocking on our door. Covid was infact proving to be a blessing in disguise for us. We took on the challenge of providing services to 4 clients together. It took a lot of heart from all teams to not only take on the challenge but come out with flying colors in client satisfaction. To add to it, our client who closed down their operations started back their operations.
  • No Looking back: With renewed energy of on-boarding new BPO clients, increasing the team size to nearly a 100, our product and services getting penetration and visibility in the US market, 4 clients knocking on the doors in Jan 2021, we have arrived and there is no looking back for us in 2021.

Our strategy – Simple, continue to do what we have been doing so far with resilience and grit, the only major shift was from the cubicle to the drawing room.

Easy? Looks so superficially. But sustaining the trust of your clients, keeping your customers assured of uninterrupted services and support, efforts to get newer clients, managing your people, their needs in terms of being able to work from home, their mental well-being, their performance, a newer discipline to be inculcated to manage the shuffle of household and office work, Ain’t easy!

What we did to settle this ambiguity and keep going?

  • Communication – We communicated more often than usual especially with our employees. Disrupted the technology to its best ever and kept the communication channels open. Zoom, Teams, Meet, Hangout, Whatsapp, Messengers, Outlook. Communication was the key to strengthen and support each other.
  • Availability – A knock on the door and we were right there. The management, the leads, the support teams ensured availability to the customers and our employees for any additional support they needed during this pandemic.
  • Positive influence – Our management maintained a positive outlook all through this period which percolated to our employees and customers as well.
  • Leadership – Great leadership team with a vision has definitely been an advantage for iSpace. The confidence, direction, and involvement from the leadership team on the way forward, their passion in staying vigilant to grab any opportunity during these testing times, their preference for employee well being in parallel to meeting the business objectives has been a great strength to the organisation in handling the pandemic well.

Some of the interesting initiatives to address the “virtual” reality –

  • “HRUIDAY” – HR-U&I-Day – HRUIDAY is a session where all the support function POC’s would be connected through video on a virtual platform and all the new joiners who would be joining in that week would be meeting up with the POC’s of different functions with whom they interact on a regular basis for their day-to-day transactions. The objective of HRUIDAY is to break the ice, create a sense of belongingness to the new joiners, connect them to the organisation environment, create avenues for them to easily pick up the phone and have a talk with the respective POC’s when needed and be assured that though it’s a virtual onboarding, they would be heard, responded to and taken care of.
  • Handshake – Assimilation being a critical part of a new employee journey in an organisation, we have come up with a 3 handshake connect model. The objective of these connects is to help the new hires assimilate smoothly into our organisation and handhold them till they get comfortable with our organisation’s norms, practices and culture. As it’s a virtual onboarding followed by wfh these connects would keep them informed, guide them on various processes, clear their doubts and create a sense of belongingness to their new workplace.
  • All Hands connect – Organisation wide meeting once in a month to share all the updates of that specific months regarding all clients and projects and the way ahead.
  • Well-being initiatives – Organised around 50+ virtual well-being initiatives and programs to take care of our employees physical and mental well-being.
  • Engagement programs, Cultural events and sports – Organised several meaningful engagement programs for our employees to participate, have fun and also learn newer skills on platforms like Toastmasters.
  • Recognition – For all the good work, mettle and contribution that our employees displayed during this time, we went ahead to recognise more and on larger platforms.
  • Training – No, pandemic couldn’t stop our zest to learn. We were able to run and currently driving virtual trainings on various latest technologies like Azure, AWS and RPA and security trainings like HIPAA certification, security awareness trainings etc.

Overall, 2020 has been an incredible year for iSpace. While we struggled to adjust to the new normal, in parallel, we also learnt to demonstrate more maturity, grit and determination to ensure business continuity by all possible means. And in this endeavour, we surely have gathered some great experiences and learnings to have created inspirational, mind-blowing and indispensable success stories.



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