July 11, 2020
July 11, 2020


Re-imagining virtual collaboration & embracing global culture: Innovation crowd sourcing driven initiatives involving crowd knowledge and ideas has proven time and again that out of the box thinking produces great results that were never imagined before. Since people operate in open architecture environment, fresh ideas give rise to great solutions.

At RealPage India, we launched several new initiatives this performance year, in spite of physical challenges.


During the long notice period in-between jobs, it is important to stay connected with the future joiners and engage with them, or else it could lead to offer drops.  It is also important for the prospective joiners to be well informed about their respective teams. To address this, we have launched an industry leading initiative; RealConnect session is a virtual connect that takes place between the Leadership team of RealPage India and the prospective joiners. This is a one-hour session during which the leadership team will brief the prospective employees about RealPage best practices and also re-assure them about the plans for Work From Home(WFH) support, onboarding and induction. Directors talk about best practices in engaging with their employees during WFH scenario.

Joining kits were issued to all new joiners during lockdown. We were fully prepared despite restrictions on movement. RealPage India ensured BAU with a 100% WFH capability before the announcement of the lockdown due to Covid19 threat in March 2020.

People Engagement:

Collaboration is becoming a new normal with video conferencing tools. A number of themed events took place starting from new hire induction and orientation to people engagement events like Virtual Town Halls, Pink Working Group and Virtual HR Hour.

The TechFest- Hackathon themed as ‘Hack From Home’ which is the most recent event saw the innovative usage of various virtual collaboration tools among the participating teams which are seen as best practices for the future. Participants cracked dozens of problem statements in 36 hours flat, which culminated in a number of path-breaking solutions.


As part of the ongoing CSR initiatives, RealPage is working on installing 100 ICU beds for a government hospital in Hyderabad.


The PinkWorkingGroup conducted a nomination-based experience sharing of how strong women were managing personal as well as the professional work and at the same time deal with the struggles to keep the children occupied productively to avoid distractions.

Our leadership, proactively made arrangements to ensure employee benefits to cover Covid-19 and mental illness as part of insurance plans, which is the need of the hour in these testing times.

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