Vertafore – A Star Member of HYSEA!
July 14, 2021
July 14, 2021

SmartIMS – A Star Member of HYSEA!


Ambulance Sponsorship 

‘‘Service before self’’ is the motto we have seen associated with the Indian Army. Selflessness in serving the country and its people, the Army lives by these words at the war fronts. In the past year, we have seen this similar war front efforts by our healthcare workers around the Globe fighting the invisible enemy. 

Selfless in saving lives, while endangering themselves, the sacrifices of our healthcare works are massive. As they continue their efforts to save lives, we felt the need to contribute to this fight, in whatever capability we have. As most of the medical infrastructure is engaged in catering to COVID 19 patients, we wanted to make sure other patients do not feel a shortage of emergency resources.  

Keeping this in mind, “In light of this, we at Smart IMS & ConnX took it upon ourselves to provide a plethora of essential services in the hour of need. One of the many were…”

We contributed to the healthcare infrastructure by sponsoring two Stan Plus Powered Ambulance services. These ambulances are equipped to address all Non-COVID Medical Emergencies. This will be a free resource for senior citizens, pregnant women, and disabled patients. 

These Ambulance services were launched by the Rachakonda Commissioner, Sri Mahesh M Bhagwat IPS. 

In a press conference, the CP extended his wishes and support to the team of Smart IMS, led by Amar Reddy for providing free ambulance services which can be a difference between life and death for persons in emergency situations. Rachakonda CP Mahesh Bhagwat stated that people in need of going to medical visits can avail these services.  
These ambulance services are available 24/7 and free of cost. People in non-Covid-19 medical emergencies can approach the Rachakonda Covid control helpline number 9490617234 and Stan Plus dedicated hotline number 1800 – 121911911 to avail these services in an emergency. Smart IMS associated with Stan Plus Red ambulance services in providing these services in times of emergency and making sure non-COVID-related emergencies do not get overlooked. 

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