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December 7, 2020
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December 11, 2020

Session on kNOw Diabetes

Ms. Deepika Chalasani, Co Founder Fit4life India, Clinical Nutritionist, Mind-Body Transformation Coach,  facilitated a very informative session on ‘kNOw Diabetes’  on Friday, 27th Nov 2020 from 3-4.30pm.

2020 has been an unusual year of sorts. Covid-19 got all of us to adapt to the “new normal” in our own ways.

Covid-19 also made many of us realize the importance of health and the fragility of life. People with co-morbidities like diabetes suffered more, took longer time to recover and in several cases, Covid also turned fatal. India diabetic population is growing at a rapid speed. Various statistics suggest that 1 in every 6 diabetic patient is an Indian. By 2045, the Indian diabetic population is likely to go up by 74 %.

Diabetes in the long run unfortunately makes you “live too short & die too long” as it it impacts all the organs in the body. Some long term health implications include.,  Heart Problems & silent heart attacks, Fatty liver, damage of nerves in the retina, decreased bladder control, brain fog, tingling in the feet, alzheimer’s etc. These although serious, may be endurable but unpleasant & painful. These make the person ‘Die long’ instead of ‘Live long’.

In the short-run., it decreases employee productivity, increases anxiety disorders, increases medical bills for the family and insurance bills for the company. Further more, children of parents or grand-parents who are diabetic are susceptible to it at a much earlier age.

Deepika’s session shed light on how “Diabetes can be delayed, controlled and/or reversed” through nutrition and healthy active lifestyle.

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