HYSEA is happy to announce its first ever JOB FAIR targeting fresh Engineering graduates who have passed out in the year 2017 and 2018 and will be ready to join immediately upon offer.
To bring pre-screened talent to member companies
HYSEA will pre-screen Fresh Engineering graduates and offer them to IT/ITES Companies for Placement.
All applicants (Engg candidates passed out in 2017 and 2018) will be filtered initially based on academic performance.
As a next step, candidates will register with HYSEA and go thru an online MCQ test of very high standards comprising Technical, Aptitude, Reasoning, Coding skills. This test will be conducted and supervised in a professional manner by a reputed testing agency under HYSEA supervision.
Candidates shortlisted from the online test will be put thru JAM test for evaluating communication skills.
Shortlisted candidates from JAM stage will be invited to the fair and presented to the registered companies participating in the fair.


All companies wanting to participate in the JOB FAIR will be required to Register Online and pay registration fee as follows.

HYSEA Members (Registration Fee + 3mx3m Booth) – Rs. 5000
Non Members (Registration Fee + 3mx3m Booth) – Rs. 7000
Start-ups(Registration Fee + 2m x2m Booth) – Rs. 2000

Companies will have an option to opt for bigger spaces in multiples of 3mx3m /2mx2m booth sizes.
Register Here!
*Registration and Payment gateway will be enabled in the next few days, but we want IT/ITES companies to submit their requirements in the meantime.
Companies will be given the shortlisted job aspirants profiles with marks secured a few days prior to job fair.
In the job fair, each participating organisation will be given a booth and shortlisted candidates will go around and participate in initial discussions at the booth and both take it forward from there. In addition to their booths each company will have a private space to interact with candidates.
While HYSEA will not insist on offers being made on the spot, it is entirely up to the companies to decide if they want to release an offer the same day or do so after further interviews in their premises with shortlisted candidates. They are expected to complete this process in two weeks.
Candidates are expected to join soon after the offer is made.
As part of the registration process, HYSEA needs the following details from each company:
- No. of positions they are looking to hire
- Skill sets and no. of positions in each skill set
- Salary likely to be offered (Optional)
- Special requirements if any
We encourage IT Companies to participate in this JOB FAIR to fill their hiring needs. For any questions, please email
info@hysea.in or 040-9030032711