Workshop on Data Analytics
HYSEA in association with IIIT -H and OpenText is happy to bring you the 8th in the series of workshops as part of TechSeries@HYSEA on 'Data Analytics - A practical approach', on
25th October 2018 @ Club Botanika from 2-5pm
As the information revolution transforms the world at an unprecedented pace by using valuable insights from voluminous information generated on a continuous basis. Several sunrise industries have evolved on the fundamental concept of Data analytics – to determine what happened in the past, generate insights from data, and predict future trends. This session will give an introduction to these concepts, techniques and their usage in various industries, thus enabling businesses to make proactive and knowledge-driven decisions.
Takeaway: An understanding of different analytics techniques and how analytics is performed in organizations to take business decisions
Sangeetha Yanamandra
(Engineering Director, Analytics, OpenText)
Introduction to Analytics
Sumitra Sahu
(Engineering Manager, Analytics, OpenText)
Brief overview of Data Analytics Techniques and concepts
Koushik Mukherjee
(Product Manager, Analytics, OpenText)
How Analytics products like OpenTextTM Big Data Analytics can be used to answer business questions and make predictions
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