Husys Growth Story – Star member of HYSEA this quarter!!!
April 15, 2021
Real Page – Star member of HYSEA this quarter!!!
April 15, 2021

MassMutual India, the growth story – Star member of HYSEA this quarter!!!

Ever since its inception in 2020, MassMutual India GCC has been thoroughly focused in driving the digital evolution for its current and future customers. The global talent pool with which it is blessed has aided in enhancing remarkable engineering and delivery capabilities across multiple geographic locations.

The center has been actively recruiting across divisions, functions and roles. Standing at a current headcount of 308 as on March 1, 2021, with the aggressive hiring efforts, the center targets to get this number cross 1000+ mark by Q4 of the year. In order to achieve diverse workforce ratio, apart from the regular everyday hiring efforts, the GCC has amplified its efforts during the Women’s History Month. There was special referral drive with double referral bonus for employees, referring friends, ex- female colleagues or women looking for second Innings at work after a career break or women from rural and suburban areas. There were organized sessions with accomplished women achievers from across the board addressing the employee base, in honor of International Women’s Week.

In the past months, the center has been successful in retaining the Intellectual Property, by building and retaining institutional knowledge and talent. The aim with which this GCC was set up was to reduce dependency on the vendor partners and become self-reliant. Thus, this has helped in avoiding loss of institutional and technical knowledge base to a large extent. Not only has the center retained talent but also has made some significant advances through the Technology Center of Excellence. The Technology CoE has demonstrated operations efficiencies and performance improvements along with headcount savings in a very short span of time.



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