26th Annual HYSEA Summit
July 29, 2018
Workshop on RPA
September 10, 2018


HYSEA and its members responded to the devastating floods in Kerala by sending 20 tons of emergency relief materials including Medicines, Dry Rations, New Utensils, Blankets, Bedsheets etc in association with GHMC. While many member companies donated directly to CM’s disaster relief fund, some including Vasavi Prosoft, ZenQ, Opentext, InRhythm, Elliptico-iSpace, CA Technologies, Medtronic, Schneider, Aviva, Halcyon, Netelixir, Virtusa and TechEra joined HYSEAin providing immediate succour to the needy in Kerala.  GHMC helped in airlifting and transporting part of the relief material through special relief trains.

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