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October 13, 2021
Quad one – A Star Member of HYSEA!
October 17, 2021

Innominds – A Star Member of HYSEA!

Innominds Chairman & CEO Divakar Tantravahi Recognized as One of India’s Best Leaders in Times of Crisis 2021 by Great Place to Work® India

The COVID-19 pandemic was a challenging one for businesses as well as business leaders. During these trying times, Innominds’ Chairman and CEO, Divakar Tantravahi raised to the occasion and helped Innominds continue to flourish. 

In a very special study conducted by Great Place to Work®, 75 leaders from across the country have been recognized for their exemplary leadership during this very challenging year. This unique study was conducted to gain insight into the various ways in which organizations dealt with the VUCA environment intensified by the pandemic. Great Place to Work® India then validated the study with employees through a detailed survey. The results of the study recognized Innominds CEO, Divakar Tantravahi, as one of the best Leaders in times of crisis. 

At Innominds, under the inspiration of Divakar; employees, customers, and the management team showed laudable commitment and courage collectively in managing the uncertainty and minimizing the human pain. He institutionalized frequent and transparent communication and engagement with all the employees during the crisis. The leadership team was driven by “empathy as the mantra”, to secure jobs of every employee, provide financial help and time off for the infected and deceased. Apart from this, Innominds conducted virtual sessions for the physical and mental well-being of employees. 

A true picture of culture and care; reinforcing the “teamwork at Innominds” and “valuing the individuals” and their well-being. The collective voice of Innominds’ members acknowledges the empathetic leadership and the diligent practice of “we are all in it together”. Thanks to Innominds CEO, Divakar Tantravahi, the workforce has managed to put up a united front in the face of the biggest crisis the world has faced. 

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