April 13, 2020
28th AGM of HYSEA
May 7, 2020



Mr. Murali Bollu, President, HYSEA, presented the Annual Report to the 28th Annual General Body meeting held Via webinar on 7th May 2020.


HYSEA Annual Report – 2020

Key Achievements shared by Mr. Murali Bollu in his report:

  • We’ve released HYSEA’s first ever report on Hyderabad called ‘Scale@Hyderabad’, that is now a new benchmark reference for all IT companies planning to open a branch or expand their existing operations in India.
  • We’ve organized first ever Infra Summit
  • We’ve organized 2 large scale job fairs for the first time
  • has gone way up in branding, participation by companies, employees, and in the number of sporting events organized.
  • With the abundance of funds availability, we could increase scale, and improve quality of all our events significantly. Our annual operating budgets have, for the first time reached 2 crores, doubled from 1 crore 2 years ago
  • Another notable achievement is, we’ve moved all our event planning and communications with our members to EventBank that also acts like a CRM
  • For the first time, we’ve brought the other 4 major IT associations in Hyderabad together to help all IT companies sustain their operations during the lockdowns, and to raise funds to help fight the virus. We can keep this collaboration alive going forward, synchronize our activities, and collectively represent common concerns of our members, and issues to the government.
  • We’ve started organizing webinars for the first time under the Net series.
  • For the first time, we’ve brought the families of the MC members and Secretariat together couple of times in the last 2 years, to celebrate working together as a team

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