Objective of SME Forum

Enabling SME member companies to SCALE – Source , Compete, Achieve, Learn, Exceed to become enterprises of the future!

Key Activities

Secure & Source

  • Help SMEs to secure business from Government through lobbying for favourable and preferential procurement policy regime for procurement from SMEs.
  • Help SMEs to source business through enabling reach out programs ( participation in trade delegation and such) with potential customers world wide.


  • Help SMEs member companies with insights ( market access, networks, operations ) to execute effectively and compete in their respective markets and businesses.
  • Enable knowledge dissemination on best practices followed in the industry, and on topics of interest such as Tax compliance, Forex, Performance Management….
  • SME Forum shall organize an Annual Flagship event to help SMEs gather insights on emerging business and technology trends, new business opportunities.


  • Help member companies achieve recognition while they during the pursuit of their growth journey.
  • Savings through group buying – smart procurement (facilitate negotiations for preferential pricing on products and services where feasible).


  •  Provide a platform to learn by leveraging know how of successful companies, informed peer group, large
    enterprises and specialist advisory through learning and development events.
  •  Facilitate sharing of insights, collaboration where feasible amongst SMEs to achieve common goals.
  •  SME forum shall organize talks by eminent speakers on topics of interest.
  •  SME Forum shall organize periodic SME networking meetings.
  •  SME forum shall secure relevant Industry research reports and make it available in HYSEA library.


  •  Enable member companies to benchmark themselves with the best in class to excel and become Enterprises of the