Any firm, society, company or division thereof registered or incorporated in India and conducting business in IT software, IT services, Internet, e- commerce or IT enabled services, and/or associated services is eligible to apply for membership provided:

  • Its main activity is the development of IT software and services or associated services;
  • It performs this activity for commercial gain, and
  • It has a minimum turnover of Rs. 0.5 million in software and/or associated services.
  • It intends to export IT software and services or associated services

No, membership is restricted only to the categories mentioned above.

Yes, it is desirable for a member to be registered with STPI, but if you are not, HYSEA may ask for a prior due diligence from an existing member company nominated for this purpose.

No, the membership fee is based on the revenue of the company and is as follows:

  • Rs.30,000/- per year for all members with an annual revenue exceeding Rs.25 crores
  • Rs.10,000/- per year for members with annual revenue exceeding Rs.1 Crore up to Rs. 25 crore.
  • Rs.5, 000/- for all members with annual revenue unto Rs.1 Crore.

Note: Members are required to give evidence on the revenue figures in support where necessary. HYSEA (formerly ITsAP) also collects this information from STPI, Hyderabad.