36th LDP
December 4, 2019
December 4, 2019

BizSeries Workshop #10

Consultative Selling Skills Workshop – It is very commonly seen that the sales teams often confine themselves to offering products and services that are within the purview of their organization and don’t think beyond to address the variety of needs of the customer. Similarly, the delivery teams don’t expand their view beyond the application or domain they are serving and lose out on many opportunities of growth.

Another issue that is commonly seen is the ability to say “No” to customers when they ask for more than what was agreed in the initial contract. In most situations either the customers become unhappy if their requests are not met or the delivery teams become unhappy when they do not have budget to fulfil those needs and end up getting stressed out while fulfilling the needs with same set of resources. In long run it impacts the relationship with the customer and the growth of the company. The ability to handle those requests and convert them to opportunities of growth is a learnable skill under the ambit of “Consultative Mindset”.

HYSEA in association with Crossover Leadership Partners organised a one-day immersive program on “Consultative Selling Skills” on 28th Nov 2019 at Club Botanika. More than 40 Heads of Small and medium enterprises and their direct reportees, involved in Employees in selling to internal and external customers, growing their accounts and organisations, members involved pre-sales and solutioning teams, and Delivery Leaders involved in account growth participated in the workshop.

The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Srilekha Madhav and Mr. Yogesh Agiwal, both internationally recognized facilitators with experience of doing sessions across geographies such as UK, Middle East, US and India.


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