May 28, 2019
HYSEA Product Awards and Showcase 2019
June 4, 2019


Blockchain, the backbone of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is undeniably ingenious invention that is disrupting virtually every industry in the world. As per research by Blockchain is reported to reduce major bank infrastructure costs by 30% and boost savings for banks using it by $8-$12 billion. On the other hand, the aggregate value for all cryptocurrencies rose by 1,800% to $336 billion while Bitcoin and Ethereum have brought in returns to the tune of 1,000% and 5,500% respectively.

In this exciting background HYSEAin association with India’s very own native blockchain protocol – Eleven01,organised an all-new Deep Dive Session on Building with Blockchain using the Eleven01 Blockchain Protocol ON 24th May 2019 at Club Botanika.  Eleven01’s blockchain protocol, has been built in collaboration with Tech Mahindra, and has the unique distinction of taking in government compliance under consideration. The session was facilitated by Rama Iyer, President & CTO, Eleven01, Rajesh, Blockchain Developer, Eleven01 & Parag Rahangdale, Blockchain Developer, Eleven01.

It gave an excellent opportunity for participants to build their own blockchain dApp (Decentralized Application).

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