Quad one – A Star Member of HYSEA!
October 17, 2021
Experian – A Star Member of HYSEA!
October 17, 2021

Providence – A Star Member of HYSEA!

Providence India would like to thank HYSEA for the opportunity to share our exciting journey in healthcare. Providence India is building capabilities and creating opportunities for the future to help transform and scale the healthcare ecosystem using a Global Capability model. The Global Capability Center will partner to digitally enable health platforms, build scale and accelerate for improved caregiver productivity and enhanced patient experiences.

Engaging incoming caregivers

Keeping the safety of caregivers in mind, we leveraged the power of technology to continue our talent acquisition, onboarding, and other functions virtually. Keeping prospective candidates and new joiners engaged through the hiring process has become essential to the organization’s strategy of hiring best-in-class talent.

Optimizing the remote/hybrid work models to emphasize on human connection

Organizations have an important choice to make. The challenges around remote working model are not around how ‘productive’ employees are, but how organizations can promote the same level of creativity, brainstorming, social dynamics, and team culture that working in office spaces once offered during the pre-Covid days. Optimizing the hybrid work model entails the need to build and provide the right infrastructure to enable talent to work from home as seamlessly as they would in the office.

Easing the way for caregivers

Through the two waves of the pandemic, one value that has been a constant in our approach is that of empathy and human connection. We strive to keep our caregivers (employees) safe, covered and supported, by every means possible. The philosophy of ‘Caregivers First’ serves as our guiding light, and under this philosophy, we choose to stand in solidarity with caregivers through the pandemic.

We announced enhanced benefits that helped cover caregivers and their families with insurance, emergency financial assistance and vaccination drives. Unrestricted care leave, COVID recovery leave, bereavement leave, mfine app – our virtual healthcare management platform and caregiver assistance program serve towards easing the way for our caregivers.

Providence, like many others stepped up to help India put up a fight against the pandemic with strength, positivity, and assistance.

Solidarity and support to local communities

Providence India has been contributing to the community in collaboration with local NGOs, hospitals, and the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) to help cater to immediate emergencies, including oxygen concentrators, medical supplies, disposables, and ventilators. The organization had recently contributed to Project Ashray, for the setting up of a 100 bed covid care facility in Hitech City, Hyderabad, along with SCSC and other corporations. We donated about 10,000 N95 masks to the police team at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Other healthcare institutions that we are working with closely to support emergency care aid include Gandhi Hospital, Hyderabad, and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Nagpur.

For Providence, building healthier communities has always been a priority and will continue to be.

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