July 10, 2020
July 11, 2020


SmartIMS has established Guidewire (GW) practice in Q4, 2019. One of our key customers (P&C Insurance company headquartered in California) had planned a major expansion of their GW application in 2020. In Q1, they had moved from On-Premise V8 to cloud based V10 GW application. In Q2, customer migrated two new lines of business from Legacy system to GW application.

Scope and complexity of the project increased 3-fold in the month of March and April in the midst of Global Pandemic. SmartIMS had taken multi-pronged approach to reduce risk and provide seamless operation for customer.

  • WFH Preparation

To reduce impact of COVID-19 pandemic on customer deadlines, companywide BCP exercise was held to measure team’s WFH capability. All connectivity issues were identified and addressed. Proper communication protocol was advertised.

Team moved from 0% resources working-from-home to 100% with Zero impact to delivery.

  • Process Improvement

SmartIMS leadership identified core metrics to track and measure support readiness. Owner, action items and timelines were identified for each core areas.

A weekly progress report was published to key stakeholders.

A review of customer work backlog was performed and customer was advised to move to Agile Scrum methodology. Sprint module were better suited to customer needs and team had adopted this from May,2020.

  • Resource Management

To handle increased scope and complexity, SmartIMS decided to upskill internal resources. Deserving candidates were identified and they completed external certification in Guidewire.

SmartIMS recruited external experienced resources to close the skill gap of existing team. One of the few organizations that continued to honor hiring commitment during pandemic.

SmartIMS trained new internal trainee resources in GW. They worked as buffer resources to the existing team to absorb the increase workload.

All these steps enabled SmartIMS to capably handle the post deployment hyper care activities. SmartIMS has taken control of the 24×7 production support and now successfully in steady state phase.


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