3rd Annual HYSEA HR Summit
November 13, 2017
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June 18, 2018

HYSEA CSR Summit 2018

3rd Annual HYSEA CSR Summit and CSR Awards 2018

CSR – Taking IT beyond Urban’ Partner, Support and Volunteer

Hyderabad, 13th February 2018 HYSEA organized its 3rd Annual (Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association) HYSEA CSR Summit and Awards, today at the HICC. The Theme of this event was CSR – Taking IT beyond Urban,’ Partner, Support and Volunteer.

The summit focused on how to make great contributions and bring changes in the lives of local communities by doing voluntary work. The summit brought together IT/ITESindustry, NGOs, Government Agencies, Social Enterprises, and Advisory organizations to network and learn from each other and also served as a platform to showcase CSR projects and programs; to learn from the peers; an opportunity to initiate new partnerships; to find new resources; and also enabled to understand how CSR is playing a vital role in developing India.

Delivering Key the note at HYSEA the 3rd HYSEA CSR Summit & Awards, Mr. Anshu Gupta, Founder Goonj & Ramon Magsaysay Award Winner, said, “I’m absolutely delighted to be here because we are talking about rural India where the actual problems are and it makes me happy to see that the IT industry is talking about going beyond Urban.”

“It is extremely important for all of us to understand that it is our duty to pay back to the community and a compulsion because we want to live in a better country, hence we must look beyond fake data and understand that GDP alone cannot be a sign of progress in our country.” He added.

Addressing the gathering at the 2017 HYSEA SME Summit, Mr. Ranga Pothula, and President of HYSEA, said, “ As part HYSEA’s signature initiative, Disruptive Digital Intervention (DDI) we are seriously and closely working with the IT Secretary of Telangana, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan to provide digital knowledge to the schools in rural the areas of the State. To start with, we have on boarded ten schools and will expand significantly in due course of time.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Ex-Director General & CEO, IICA on Recent Amendments to CSR Law – Impact on Corporates, “Section 135 of the Companies Act tries to take CSR away from cheque book charity and give it a strategic scientific shape and make it far more transparent. The other important change that we want to see is elevating CSR from a backroom to a boardroom discussion and strongly believe in outcome based CSR initiatives.”

“Every CSR activity should be monitored and evaluated keeping in mind the end beneficiary who should be the poor or underprivileged community only.” He added.

Speaking about How to collaborate with NGOs, Social Enterprises for effective reach and impact

Mr. VV Lakshmi Narayana, IPS, Addl. DGP, Maharashtra Police, said, “We must look at improving villages and not just some issues in those villages.” He also spoke about making CSR sustainable by generating business models and creating employment within those CSR initiatives.

Concluding his speech Mr. VV Lakshmi Narayana said,Let us come together to sustain villages and create more and more bright spots in the country, let India be seen as one of the brightest nations.”

Speaking about the role of Govt. Telangana in CSR, Dr Janardhan Reddy, IAS, GHMC Commissioner, said, “We impact birth to death of citizens of Hyderabad and have worked on several initiatives, like she Toilets, city beautification, adoption of the city’s lakes, waste management initiatives and many more with the support and contribution from corporates.”

Urging corporates to further contribute and join the cause, Dr Janardhan Reddy, said, “Come up with your projects and we will give you tailor made projects which can be CSR certified under the companies act.”

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