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SME Networking Meeting – Radisson, Gachibowli

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HYSEA SME forum has always been a vibrant platform for neworking and sharing of best practices among SME members. To keep the momentum on, an interactive networking Meeting was organized on 25th Nov’14 at Hotel Radisson, Gachibowli for the SME Leaders with a focus on Next generation of the IT Era and also to plan for the Annual SME Summit. More than 55 CEOs and senior leaders attended the meeting.

Mr. Ravi Rao, Coordinator – SME Forum, HYSEA and President & MD [APAC], Valuemomentum welcomed the SME Leaders and briefed about the SME Summit which has now been combined with HYSEA Annual Awards and Product Showcase on 12th March 2015. Ravi then introduced Mr V Srinivasa Rao [VSR], CEO, BT & BT Management Consultancy, who set the pitch  for the day with his findings on 5th Generation of IT Era and what it holds for IT SMEs. He started the session with updates on current trends of living in hyper connected world.   In our hyper connected world and ever growing presence of social media, the question is asked – what exactly happens online in any given minute? Every 60 seconds:

 2 million searches happen on Google
 72 hours of video is uploaded on youtube
 1.8 million likes on Facebook
 11,000 searches on LinkedIn
 20 million photo views on Flickr
 278,000 tweets on twitter
 204 Million emails sent
 $83,000 worth of Sales on Amazon

Non-living things are coming to life which challenges the bandwidth of the Internet.  As data suggests Finland stands first in the most Hyper connected countries in the world, followed by Singapore, USA in the 7th place, India in 83rd position. Today more than 99% of things are not connected to the internet but the phenomenon called “The Internet of Everything” will wake everything up you can imagine. Using micro sensors on the network, everyday objects will become connected and intelligent.  By 2020, 37 billion intelligent things will be connected to the internet.

This sets the state for a new economy which makes use of Digital Natives and Convergence of Physical and Digital world. The 5th Generation of IT – SMAC ++ he said are the era of digital Apps and applications.  IoE [Internet of Everything] will forces the Businesses to analyze the experiences of the customers to quickly capture the market or retain clientele.  The Opportunities for IT SMEs in this emerging scenario will shift from operational excellence to providing high Value Added Services, Managing apps [app stores], focus on Customer Experience Management, Crowd Sourcing, NFC [Near Field Communication] enabled services, Pro-active mode of business, etc. he said.

Addressing the meeting, Mr. Ramesh Loganathan, President – HYSEA, briefed on the regular interactions of the Associations with Government to bring back focus into developing the business friendly eco-system for the IT Industry in the state. He also talked about HYSEA taking lead in forming, an initiative to nurture and grow an environment of technology and product programming hackers in the state.

Mr. Murali Bollu, Vice President – HYSEA and CEO, Zenq talked about the HYSEA Annual SME Summit with the suggested topics and invited inputs from members present.  Some of the leaders suggested to have exclusive job fair for SMEs and also to conduct a session on statutory and compliance laws for the benefit SME members.