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Seminar on Customer Acquisition strategies and Automation for Startups

Indian Startup story needs no introduction. Availability of talented IT professionals, increased risk appetite, eco-system development, social support, progressive initiatives such as StartUp India, 10000 startup and T-Hub are redefining India startup industry landscape. Todays Startups are tomorrow’s Global Players. This short seminar discusses automation tools available for startup to help go global and with customer acquisition.

Large enterprises have fully evolved Customer acquisition strategies, they successfully compete at a global level, have tremendous resources. Since startups are resource constrained, they need to learn how to efficiently compete at a global level. Today they focus completely on product development or their offerings. There is a need to upgrade their knowledge and awareness.

As the industry is poised for impressive growth with a great number of startups, set to increase massively from the present count, the outlook calls for a great need to address this gap by way of education/training/awareness in Customer methodologies, technology evolutions and innovations, sharing of best practices and the ever changing dynamics of customer behavior.

Who should attend
Startup Companies looking for customers – Entrepreneurs, Founders, Sales professionals, Marketing professionals

Where and When
T-Hub, Feb 16 2016, 4pm

4:00 Registration
4:30 Introduction
4:35 Keynote talk By Umberto, Founder CEO of InsideView
Customer Acquisition Strategies – What works for Startups. How automated tools help with customer acquisition & lead generation for startups. Scaling to compete in global landscape.

5:05 Panel discussion on Key Success Factors and Challenges – Customer Acquisition and Engagement
Moderated by Umberto Milletti, Founder and CEO, Insideview
Aditya Vuchi, CEO, Zippr, Srinivas Kollipara, COO, T-Hub, Safir Adeni, Managing Partner / CEO, Ineda Venture Group, Srikanth Tirumala, Founder & CEO, Hooper Labs

The 4 startup mentors/founders discussing the opportunities and challenges in customer acquisition. A major paradigm shift is underway in customer behavior. Today’s customers are more informed, better networked and less responsive. Success requires process automation. There is a need to adapt to newer Sales and Marketing methodologies

5:45 Q&A – 15 minutes

6:00 Hi Tea and Networking– 30 minutes

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Umberto Milletti, Founder and CEO is a serial entrepreneur, well respected in Silicon Valley, his LinkedIn profile is below.
Umberto Milletti has been an innovator at the convergence of technology and content for nearly 20 years. In early 2005, Umberto founded InsideView and has since been leading our efforts to inform the entire enterprise.
In the mid-1990s, Umberto was a pioneer in e-learning as a co-founder of DigitalThink, where he designed and built one of the first multi-tenant software-as-a-service platforms to deliver and track learning for millions of participants. As an executive, Umberto helped lead the company to a successful IPO, revenues of $60 million, and its acquisition by Convergys in 2004. Umberto is a prolific writer contributing to several blogs and articles, very active on social media, well respected in Silicon Valley, raised $80 million for InsideView , a great speaker, was covered by various publications and delivers keynotes in international conferences.

Umberto holds a BS in electrical engineering from Tufts University and an MS in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.